Pacific Offshore Marine Services (POMS) Products



Equipment Conversions

POMS carries out Explosion Proof Conversions for diesel & electric forklift trucks, Generators, Compressors and vehicles produced by numerous manufacturers. The converted vehicle functions in the same way as the standard vehicle and additionally includes explosion proof protection.

Specialty Conversions

Customised explosion proof conversions have reached extremely high technological levels and use sophisticated protection systems. POMS provides specialty conversions to engines, scissor-lifts, boom-lifts, automobiles, power packs, pumps, cranes, excavators and others. Each solution is examined closely with the Client, taking into consideration operating requirements and use, before implementation.

Equipment are designed specifically for operation within hazardous areas, providing safe shutdown and removal of all ignition sources in the event of a platform confirmed combustible gas release.

The POMS Engine Flame Protection Package, for example, includes:

  • Air Intake Shut-off Valve
  • Exhaust Gas Cooling System
  • Exhaust Outlet Spark Arrestor
  • Exhaust Flame Arrestor
  • Exhaust Spark Arrestor
  • Ex n Alternator
  • Ex d Control Panel
  • Ex e Hard-wired or Ex e Socket Terminal Outlets
  • Air Start System

Pacific Offshore Marine Services (POMS) ProductsPacific Offshore Marine Services (POMS) ProductsPacific Offshore Marine Services (POMS) ProductsPacific Offshore Marine Services (POMS) Products

POMS’ unique system of protection controls both surface and exhaust temperatures of all equipment including compressors and generators, thus preventing both spark and flame emission. It also prevents all over-speed conditions which makes it suitable for both Zone 1 and Zone 2 use.

Systems from POMS are also equipped to give you the most advanced operating and starting systems and make the overall operation and maintenance of your units more sustainable.