Pacific Offshore Marine Services (POMS) Certifications



Pacific Offshore Marine Services (POMS) Ex-ATEX

All CE-marked POMS Equipment have been tested and approved by a Notified Body (Internationally Recognised Testing Laboratory) and comply with or exceed the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC requirements.

Temperature Monitoring

Heat generated by equipment may cause gases and flammable materials to ignite or explode. It is therefore necessary to reduce the temperature of ATEX EX equipment to less than the specified value for operation in a potentially explosive atmosphere and to prevent any sparking from occurring. Excalibur Miretti Group’s ATEX EX Equipment has protection controls for motor surface temperature, fluid temperatures and brake temperatures.

Explosion Proof Enclosures

Explosion Proof Enclosures protect all cabling, wiring, valves and electrical components, ignition system, and battery. An Explosion Proof Enclosure is a case or housing that has been tested and approved to contain electrical components or apparatus. Although the joints of Explosion Proof enclosures will permit the entry of explosive vapours, the strength of the enclosures must contain any internal explosion. The enclosures of Excalibur Miretti Group’s ATEX EX Equipment have been hydrostatically tested for internal explosive resistance to pressures in excess of requirements without failure.

Automatic shutoffs

Automatic shutoffs serve as additional safeguards for ATEX EX Equipment. Excalibur Miretti Group’s ATEX EX equipment provides automatic shutoffs to ensure against for example: high brake temperature and hot electric motor surface temperature.

Frame Leakage Monitoring

Frame leakage monitoring detects electrical failure before risk of ignition source. Excalibur Miretti Group’s ATEX EX Equipment prevents possible source of ignition by monitoring frame leakage with an automatic shutoff.

Battery Emergency Cutoff Switch

Battery emergency cutoff switch removes all power from the battery supply of the flameproof vehicle. Excalibur Miretti Group’s Battery Emergency Cutoff Switch is an additional source of protection under the operator’s control.

Worldwide Third Party Explosion Proof Certifications

Excalibur Miretti Group's Explosion Proof ATEX EX Equipment is certified by internationally recognised testing laboratories that require conformity to the most exacting standards.